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      About Us

      Personal Fireworks Displays

      Renegade Pyrotechnics have been providing professional firework displays
      for over 30 years. We are a specialist team who are proud to produce
      private and public displays that are competitively priced and visually
      exciting. A percentage of the cost of the display is donated to charity
      through our affiliation with Hastings Borough Bonfire Society (registered charity number 1049810). We are among the first-choice professional firework display companies for many schools and organisations in and around Sussex.

      Renegade Pyrotechnics will make your wedding, anniversary, birthday,
      prom, festival or holiday celebrations truly memorable. We can create
      highflying barrages of colour, earth tremoring creations of noise or
      low-level mood setting displays. We will do our very best to fulfill
      your recommendations and expectations.

      Trusted for over 30 years with a 
      clean safety record, we will endeavor to bring you the very best quality
      of fireworks and display with personal customisation, created by an 
      experienced and professional team. We do have many repeat bookings so 
      please contact us early as possible to guarantee Renegade Pyrotechnics 
      for your event.


      How can we help you?
      To avoid disappointment, please book us as early
      as possible. We do have plenty of repeat bookings. Simply fill out the
      form below with your queries and we will contact you as soon as

      Email info@
      Phone: 01424 857260 during working hours

      Thank you!

      Your submission has been received!

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      The Renegades in Action

      What to Expect

      Our Displays

      The process for putting on a firework display within a public space can
      be fraught with potential dangers. This is why we have given you these
      brief outlines of the process we use to make your display legitimate and
      most importantly, safe.

      Risk Assessment (Removing the red tape)

      When you book us a qualified pyrotechnician will come and visit you and the
      proposed site. According to your budget and the size of the event we
      will endeavor to advise you on what fireworks can be a used safely and
      recommend getting the right permission from the local authorities
      depending on your event, insurance and other services.

      Marshals Barriers (Yellow Jackets)

      We will supply qualified and trusted marshals throughout the setup and
      finish of the event, this does potentially include the rental for
      barriers. This way we can assure that your event will be safe and comply
      with the UK & EU Health and safety laws, our insurance obligations
      and risk assessment procedures.

      Safety & First Aid

      Fireworks are inherently dangerous, it is for this reason that we take
      every possible step to make sure your event and guests are secure and
      free from any dangers.

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